The mission of Audio Video Insight is to provide the best value for the technology dollar. What that actually looks like will vary between clients. It could be a new LG OLED on an entertainment center, a MartinLogan listening room, or five rooms of Sonos wireless audio in the background of a party. For virtually any budget, there are always solutions.

With an Owner-Operated small business, things work differently from the big box stores and shopping carts. There are no phone systems or transfers, no wandering employees selling things you don’t want or need, no lines, no parking lots…the list goes on. With one call, you will find experience, professionalism and a passion for the industry.


The first step of any project is critical.

Technology is no different.

The Design Phase could be as quick as a phone call, consult and quote, or as involved as multiple meetings with interior designers, builders and other decision makers. Audio Video Insight will be there every step of the way.


Installation can have one or many phases. With a single point of contact, there is no ball to drop or buck to be passed. When the real work begins, you can count on Audio Video Insight to get dirty and clean as we go.

Services Include:

Free Estimates

Troubleshooting and System Upgrades

Distributed Audio and Video systems

One-touch, Activity Based Remotes

Pre-wiring for New Construction and Remodeling

Custom TV Installation

Enterprise-grade, Wi-Fi Networking solutions

Hardwired Networking solutions

Enhanced mesh Wi-Fi

Light Commercial Solutions

iPad Control


Nothing is worse than confusing technology. One remote that works reliably turns a bunch of equipment into an integrated system. With elegant control systems from RTI and one-touch remotes from Pro Control, we have you covered. Is your tablet attached at the hip? Let’s use it to control all the AV systems in your home. Ask us how.


All Installations performed by Audio Video Insight are guaranteed for the period of one year. Most of the product we sell is sourced from locally based distributors who only work in the custom installation world. This makes it incredibly easy to service our clients after the installation is complete.

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Call about a free Roku 4 on new systems over $2500 consisting of receiver, 5 speakers and subwoofer.

We are dedicated to providing a great support network.

Over the years, selling VHS and Laserdisc to DVD and Blu-ray, we have sold and installed it all – and we can prove it!